We thrive on your membership and inclusion

As neighbors, business associates, educators, and residents of this wonderful quaint neighborhood located between Troost and Paseo, Meyer and Gregory, we pride ourselves in being supporting of each other through membership in our neighborhood organization.
You are invited into partnership with us through the following membership dues that are annually renewable:

• Homeowners – $20.00
• Renters – $20.00
• Businesses – $50.00

Your membership benefits include, but are not restricted to:

• Voting on matters concerning NUFAKC Neighborhood association.
• Immediate benefit of business and residential community sales, incentives, events.
• First hand access to calendar events, by posting 2 community events per year.
• Leadership role/opportunities in committees impacting NUFAKC’s mission and purpose.
• First hand access to educational/training/civic opportunities for NUFAKC Leaders.

Additional ideas for the NUFAKC community?

We receive new input all the time about how to improve the community.  We welcome your ideas on how to benefit your neighborhood.  Please come out and share your thoughts with us.

Come Visit us at our next event