Hello, NUFAKC resident!

Do you want to see a change in your neighborhood? Are you experiencing recurring problems and you can’t find a solution? Well, there’s a new project in the neighborhood that may be able to help.

The Adopt-A-Neighborhood project is a two-year partnership between Neighbors United for Action (NUFAKC), the law firm of Kutak Rock (Kutak), and Legal Aid of Western Missouri (LAWMO). Put simply, Kutak has “adopted” the NUFAKC neighborhood, making a commitment to support and assist NUFAKC residents and neighborhood groups with legal issues that they may be facing. Best of all, this is a pro bono project, meaning all legal services will be provided for free!

For our first planned program under this project, Kutak attorneys will be assisting homeowners in NUFA in the preparation and recording of Beneficiary Deeds. You will find more information about Beneficiary Deeds and about the upcoming event on the accompanying flyer.

To learn more about this project, and to visit with Legal Aid and Kutak, please stop by the November 7th Beneficiary Deed event. Even if you are not a homeowner, or if you are not interested in a Beneficiary Deed at this time, we still want to hear from you. What other issues do you need assistance with? How can we help? What changes would you like to see on your block or in the neighborhood in general?

Furthermore, as our grant funding covers the next two years, please keep the following contact information for your reference. You can call us with any questions or issues, and we will work together on finding a solution as we can.

Alex Acsenvil: 816-805-8842
President, NUFAKC

Becca McQuillen: 816-474-9868
Project Attorney, Adopt-A-Neighborhood Project (LAWMO)

Kayla Hogan: 816-474-9868
Project Paralegal, Adopt-A-Neighborhood Project (LAWMO)
Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!
Adopt-A-Neighborhood Team:
Neighbors United For Action KC
Kutak Rock LLP
Legal Aid of Western Missouri